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Many activities precede, before September / October harvest. And then ..... you will depend on weather developments in nature and professional attention from the winemaker.
For the red AOC Côtes de Gascony is used mostly the tannat grape varieties, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, fer servadou, gamay and merlot. In general, the wines from the Côtes de Gascony are very popular. Ask your liquor store or look in your supermarket and you can already take a sneak peek.

The red AOC Madiran wines have their base in the tannat grape in conjunction with the cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. Wines that are great for hot meals, as meat, game and grilled dishes. This characterful wines make an appeal to your imagination and are - especially after being decanted - surprising and downright fun to drink. So ....The Madiran is not a quick drink in between, then you should consider taking a St. Emilion. A Madiran asks you for attention and invites you to sit back and enjoy this wonderful natural product!

The famous AOC Pacherenc (du Vic-Bilh) arises from the petit manseng grape, a very small grape, with correspondingly less flesh, but with a surprising taste both dry and sweet white dessert wine. The dry white Pacherenc is great with fish. The sweet Pacherenc with its fabulous color is a pearl at your hot or cold appetizer of foie gras with warm apples, or with real mushrooms with some garlic and bacon in the pan turned. Equally surprising is the wine with your chocolate dessert or your orange sabayon with fresh madrid. Imagine yourself "in heaven "....! And so by writing about "our wines" from our vineyards, we can report that we are proud with such a wealth of wines, which we love to share with you! Please join us and be convinced!

Wine Events:


  • Château de Viella, from half July to half September 2014, check out the website for more information
  • St Mont, start of the annual wine events, checkout the program of St Mont Vignoble en Fête.
  • Madiran 14 en 15 august wine festivals
  • Open house weekend of independent Madiran wine producers round about 16 november, please check out the website
  • Safari trip through wine tasting followed by an opportunity to purchase
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